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What the well dressed man is wearing in Wisconsin.
The armed individual's guide to style, fashion, and social graces.
    Despite opposition from the governer, obfuscation by the press, and a pretended misunderstanding by the rest of liberalism of what possible need anyone could have to be armed in these marvelously secure times, Wisconsin now has shall issue concealed carry. It has been well over 100 years since the people of Wisconsin have been trusted to carry arms, well outside of the memory of any one living here today.
     There are well known social conventions for most of the tools we use in life. The telephone, and the automobile stand out, but there are social dos and don'ts for handling day to day situations involving many of the prodicts of human ingenuity. Firearms are no different, particularly as they become more a part of our every day life, but it has been such a long time since this has been the case, that many of the social graces of going armed have long been forgotten. Here then is a tongue and cheek guide to etiquette and propriety for the modern man who wishes to go armed. For a more serious look at how to behave responsibly while armed, I unhesitatingly recommend the book In Gravest Extreme, by Massad Ayoob.

Here then is a guide to current fashion trends in Wisconsin

Formal occasions
james bond, tux, small unobtrusive
ppk or m84 shoulder
The Traditional man
suit and tie, 45 or 38
The casual look
bullet snubby
trench coat bogart

Summer chic
belly band

Trend setter
A girl's best friend

around town


a day in the country

relaxed and informal

That European look:

    Unfortunalty, for a true European look, one that reflects the current trends in Europe, one would have to go unarmed. Pistols are universally banned in Europe, except for the priveleged, and the well connected. This is sort of like the situation in New York, and California. However, we are not talking about realities here, but about style. Europe is truly the home of the semi automatic handgun. Though invented in the United States, the auto pistol had reigned supreme in Europe through most of the twentieth century.

Italian cut
An english Gentleman
Hot blooded Spainard

Gallic Style

German efficiency

How these photos were made.
    In case anyone is horrified at some of the photos above, let me make it clear that I did not wander around town while being photographed carrying a gun. This is the kind of goofy irresponsable behavior that the gun haters love, as it validates their sadly mistaken point of view. I photographed myself, in various types of dress, carrying assorted firearms, in from of a white wall. I then used Photoshop to put myself into a series of photos, either taken myself, or found on the web.