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AR-15 OA-98 Pistol
Length Overall Barrel Length Weight Caliber Action Type Magazine Capacity
15 3/4" 6.5" 1 in 10" twist 48 Oz. .223 Semi Auto 20 or 30

    This is yet another interesting product from the firearms enthusiasts at Olympic Arms. This is not the first pistol version, of the popular AR-15, but it is the first which has really been well executed, and has retained the full function of the AR-15 system. When I say full function, I am referring to the fact that this pistol is able to take standard AR-15/M-16 magazines (many other versions have integral magazines), and is semi-automatic (many other versions are single shot, or need to be manually cycled for each shot). This is also one of the few pistol conversions, which is not marred by the cumbersome recoil tube, hanging out of the back. It is well finished, and does not have the "hack job" look, of so many of the other AR-15 pistol variants.
    In order to keep weight down (this is supposed to be a handgun after all), the magazine well, and grip have been skeletonized, as has the handguard. There are no sights, but there is a standard mount for a scope, red dot sight, or other optical aiming device. Mine will eventually sport a Holosight. The short barrel reduces energy by about 25%, and creates a considerable amount of muzzle flash. Both of these problems can be moderated somewhat, by the use of handloads employing some of the faster burning powders (including my old favorite, Bullseye). There is no bayonet lug or flash hider, though I suspect that these deletions fail to make this gun politically correct.
    The gun field strips in the same manner as it's full sized brethren, by tipping the upper receiver forward after the rear pivot pin has been pushed out. The internal parts are actually stock, AR-15 components, making repair, and replacement a simple matter. All of the parts are standard mil spec, rather than the slightly different Colt variety. Generic details of the operation, and history of the AR-15, may be found on the AR-15. page.