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Case CPU RAM HD Video Drives OS Sound Monitor Modem Network
book cel533 256mb 13GB Intel 810 31/2, CD W2K sb16 14" 56k 10/100
This machine was built as a convenience, and just out of some curiosity. It is a bookpack, which is the closest thing to a disposable PC as I have yet seen. The unit is completely integrated, even to the network card,and modem. Still, it does have it's advantages. One of these is cost. A decent computer can be built for very little money, using one of these units I paid a total of about $300 for this computer, all told. Another advantage os that of small size. the unit is tiny, and can be put anywhere. This strikes me as a great unit for someone who wants to work on a computer, or get on the net, but does not really like high tech, and is not particularly anxious to become a computer person. This is also a nice transportable unit for gamers, or people who are on the move. Mated to a flat screen, there would be little trouble moving from place to place, and setting the little unit up.
    Of course, all is not rosy in the land of bookpack computing. The units do have their disadvantages. The main one is the lack of any sort of flexibility, and the impossibility of doing upgrades. The units are bought, and then kept until they break down, or become obsolete. These are also not exactly cutting edge machines. I presently use this computer for a loaner, for travel when I do not wish to use my laptop, and for entertainment (read gaming, and music). For the money, it is really not a bad little machine. In a few years, when technology has passed it by, it is small enough that I will use it as a gate, or firewall.