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30-06 Springfield
Nation Year Max. press.
U.S.A. 1906 60000 psi

Standard Load
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
150 grain VV N140 53.2 grains 2861 fps 2727 fp traditional load
The classic long range hunters cartridge, the 30-06, like most popular hunting rounds began as a military cartridge. Although no longer used by the military, this round is now among the most respected, and widely used cartridges in North America. In some loads, this veteran round can give the newer magnum cartridges a run for their money. The initial requirements of this round back at the turn of the century required that it be lethal at 2000 yards. Bolt action, and semi auto rifles are chambered for it, as well as machine guns, and the classic BAR squad automatic weapon of the Second World War. In the hands of a skilled hunter or sniper, this is a good cartridge out to 800-1000 yards, perhaps a bit further with some luck, and the right weapon and load. I do not reload for this round, but have included some reload information as a guide to the potential of this fine old cartridge.
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
125 grain VV N150 58.7 grains 3169 fps 2788 fp highest velocity
150 grain VV N550 59.7 grains 3010 fps 3018 fp most energy
185 grain VV N160 59.2 grains 2637 fps 2857 fp
220 grain VV N160 50.7 grains 2368 fps 2740 fp long range