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Case C.P.U. RAM H.D. Video Drives O.S. Sound Monitor Modem Network
Desktop P200MMX 96MB 6.5GB Sis66326-8mb 
Win 98 sp8330 15" 56K 10/100

This was the first windows 95 machine I ever put together, and was also the first computer I had which was up to date. My previous computers had always been assembled from parts at shows and flea markets, and had been a bit behind the times. This was quite exciting to me as this was my first computer to have a 32 bit operating system. I could remember back to when a sixteen bit machine was considered to be quite powerful indeed, and a 32 bit machine, if it existed at all, was the property of some lab or secret military base. Here was a machine capable of true multitasking, with each process in it's own protected memory space. Compared to the DOS and Win 3.11 systems I had gotten used to having, this machine was all the computer I could ever want. The bloom quickly went off the rose however, as Pentium, and then Pentium MMX processors were introduced. This computer initially had a Cyrix 586-100 CPU, an 850MB drive, and a 14.4 modem. The only pieces remaining from the original machine are the case, the 31/2 drive, the 51/4 drive and the sound card. The changes took place incrementally so that this still seems like my first machine. The addition of a Monster card has made this a great gaming machine, and the multiple drive types make it fairly versatile. Like Bigguy, this machine is set up in a fairly comfortable area, in this case on a drop leaf table just off center of my living room, and right beside my sofa. It is rarely used these days, except to communnicate with other members of the network.