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Case CPU RAM HD Video Drives OS Sound Monitor Modem Network
Desktop P120 32mb 1.2GB Svga 31/2, CD win 98 sb16 14" 56k 10/100
    This is the computer which had formerly been Sparky, before I got my new Sparky. The motherboard was fried on this computer, and I purcahsed a new Ultra 10 for replacement. Sometime latter, there was an Ultra 10 motherboard available on ebay, and I palced a bid. INstalling teh new motherboard was no morte difficult than doing the same job on a standard PC, and I soon had a second Ultra 10 computer.  The machine has no monitor, keyboard, or mouse connected to it, and none are needed. I can telnet into it from my other machines, or use Exceed to log in remotly to the desktop. Along with a proxy server, there is a firewall, and a pretty good anti virus program installed. This is the only machine I have, which connects directly ot the net. There are two network cards in this machine. One connects to my local network; the other connects to the cable modem, and out to the internet.
    The machine, along with Windows 98, has Office 97, communicator, Norton Anitvirus, with the Proxy X proxy server, and Zone Alarm firewall. Therer are no other programs,and little need for any. The machine, along with the web pages contained on it, are backed up regularly, to a file on my server, and scanned for viruses. I plan to transform this into a Linux machine, possibly with apache web server, but for now, it remains a Windows platform.