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Case O.S. C.P.U. RAM H.D. Sound Video Monitor Drives Modem Network
Server Solaris 10 4x450 4 GB 20 x 500 gb

15" LCD
31/2,CD, tape,jukebox none 10/100
    Back when I was working at G.E. Medical, we had a Sun derver named Batman. Batman was the manufactuing server, which hosted the user shares for about 200 people, as well as serving up our data sheets, and hosting our data base for the manufacturing of our CT machines. Batman had multiple processors, and was able to hot swap drives, out od a 20 drive bay. Batmna had dual power supplies, and over a gigabite of ram. Batman was magnificent, cost tens of thousands of dollars, and was a Sun E450 server. Batman had a console, a control head, and was housed in our computer room, with the rest of the servers.
    While browsing on ebay, I noticed a number of e450 servers for sale. These machines are as magnificent as ever; but are now a bit beyond the curve, and may now be had for quite a bit less money, than what had been paid for Batman. I have decided to call him Max, because he is a maxed out version of an E450.