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Star PD
Length Overall Barrel Length Weight  Caliber Action Type Magazine capacity

.45 A.C.P. Recoil Semi Auto 6
    This was one of the origonal compact large caliber handguns. The design dates back to the late sixties, and reached it's peak of popularity in the seventies. This was surely the inspiration for general production of the Colt Officer's model (it had previously been a custom gunsmith produced model), and the numerous ultra compact guns which most gunmakers seem to be offering these days. The gun is a real beast to shoot, as can be expected from the weight, size, and caliber used.
    Though some allowances have been made to accomodate the shorter length, the PD is basically a shortened 1911 style automatic, even to the extent that it can use standard 1911, and Commander magazines (though they stick out of the bottom a bit). It has a specially designed barrel bushing, and is missing one of the locking lugs on the barrel. The guns retain the toggle link, and the partially unsupported chamber of the origonal Browning design.

    There was a lot of contradictory information out on the Star, back when it was in production. The main reason for this was the uneven quallity control at the Star factory. This was particularly the case with the hardening of the metal. The proccess used by Star was not consistantly done, and seemed to vary with the day and even the operator who did the work.  What this meant for the consumer was that buying a Star PD, or any other Star pistol, was a bit of a gamble. If you were fortunate enough to get one of the properly heat treated examples, what you got was a superb combat and carry gun at a bargain price. If you were not so lucky, you ended up with an undependable gun of dubious quallity which would quickly wear out. This is sad because this was one of the great combat pistol designs of it's day, and deserved better. To this day, current production guns from Star have the same problem, as do Llama pistols.