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(Picture coming soon I hope)

Case  CPU RAM HD Video Drives OS Sound Monitor Modem Network
Midtower PII350 64MB 16.8GB Sis6326-8mb 31/2,CD SBS 4.5 sb16 15" 56k 10/100
This is a test and practice platform for me to learn Small Business Server on, though I do hope to actually use it as my server once I gain competence. If you don't get the network name, Stevens was named after the main character in Remains of the Day, who's entire existence revolved around providing service. The motherboard was taken from Bigguy, as was the cpu, and the sound card. Small Business Server is a combination of NT Server, proxy Server SQL Server, Exchanger Server, Internet Information Server, and some others, sold as a package. All of the components can be purchased separately, but at considerably greater cost. This was another deal from Microsoft through it's oem site, where I got the SBS package, and training for free. I love this site, and it has helped me to stay current with Microsoft's newer offerings without having to go into the poorhouse, or having to turn to software piracy. There is little other software installed. Office Pro 2000 is on this machine, and I may stick a few other things on, but mostly this will be a learning and then a server platform. The large hard drive was bought because the price was right, and I can always use the space for setting up a file server or practicing SQL server, and setting up assorted data bases. I can also use it to back up other machines across the network. This will be the last machine of mine to be fully on line, because this is the operating system that I know the least about. After I finish converting to a domain network, and have pretty well mastered playing with NT Server, I will make the Chief my gateway, and network server, and then get to work on using SBS. Eventually I hope to make stevens my gateway and network server, firewall and all,  in place of the chief. Right now, my main machine is the recently updated Bigguy, which can now give access to the internet to all of the machines on my network since it now runs the newer version of Win98. This is modem sharing only however, and Win98 is not able to provide a firewall, or the versatility of Proxy Server, which is a component of SBS. Setting up SBS is no joke, as we have recently gotten an order for a machine so configured at work, and it took the efforts of one of our top network guys, and one other tech, over a three day period to get it up and running. I also note a fair amount of cursing and moaning from the tech assigned to set up all of the NT, and NT Server machines. It's good to have something to look forward to.