The Late Great Circus Parade




The marching band of the Great Lakes training center, is preceded by their fifty state flag unit.

The Great Lakes Navy Band itself.
Horsemen, Jean Olson & Tracy Auch, announce that this is the beginning of the Patriotic Section.

The governor. For some reason, he was put in this section, instead of up with the other local politicians. Without taking sides, or commenting, I will just note that of all of the politicians, he was the only one that I heard booed.


Mounted Flag Bearers by members of the Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club. Coordinated by Annie Randall of Baraboo. Members:  Mary Lou Neidhart, Leila Erdmann, Judy Tate, Debbie Fairbanks, Jerry Coffey, Beth Anne Heyrman, Mary Ellen Gray, Barbara Knopf, Darcy Overturf, Jeff Buelow and Colleen Finnegan.  



The coming of the first wagon.



#47 Ringling Bros. U.S. Bandwagon pulled by 10 Sorrel Belgians Teamster:  Walt Schaefer of Winfred, South Dakota - 15-piece Milwaukee American Legion Band - Richard Schwartz, Director.

#22 Norris & Rowe Break Talley Ho pulled by four carriage horses

Team by Bob Johnson of Delmar, Iowa

8 Topriders in early 1900 Performer Wardrobe: Nick Packard, Gina Gierach, Michelle Pink, Jason Pink, Carolyn Meineiz, Rhonda Chojnacki, Shannon Meinerz, Ariel Namauicz

Lady Liberty On Stilts portrayed by Deborah Davis of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Uncle Sam On Stilts portrayed by Gary Soule of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Left, Below, and Above: Sauk Prairie H. S. Marching Band, Sue Halloway, Director

Left and Below:

#76 Christy Bros. Beauty Tableau pulled by 4 matched Percherons Team by Tim & Linda Klinger of Glenwood City, Wisconsin

9 circus topriders in period sailor girl costumes: Anita Schwed, Karen R Forrer, Elana Rotter, Arlene Litow, Valerie Hawkins, Martha Clark, Georgia Marsel, Patty Karter, Betsy Roberts

Continental Soldiers on horseback. Yvonne Halfmann & Don Halfmann of Columbus, Wisconsin 

Washington’s Inaugural Carriage, pulled by 2 Percherons of Mary Jane Swedberg of Oconomowoc, WI.  George Washington portrayed by:  Thor Stole. Martha Washington portrayed by:  Elaine Everding 

Left and Below:

Banner and color guard of The Lutheran Vanguard Marching Band under the direction of Jim Neujahr.

Left and above:
The Lutheran Vanguard Marching Band

Star-Spangled Equestriennes – Riders coordinated by Jeff Feypel Riders:  Sandy Cole, Sherri Torrison, Moriah Auch, Diane Brauer, Azye Smith, Stacy Kovnesky, Sharon Feypel, Cindy Anderson, Sandy Rogers, Sandy Robers, Jack Cardwell, and Jeff Feypel.

Wagon #23 Hagenbeck-Wallace Cage Wagon, containing three tigers, and  pulled by 4 Black Percherons  Teamster:  Gary Nampel of Watertown, WI.


Animals:  3 Royal Bengal Tigers by Animal Entertainments

#62 Columbia Bandwagon  pulled by 8 Black Percherons

Teamster:  Sid Post of Marshfield, Wisconsin

15-piece Old Mapleton Circus Band under the direction of Robert Ludwig 

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