The Late Great Circus Parade.


The Late Great Circus Parade




Left and Below:

#60 Ringling Bros. Cage pulled by 4 Black Percherons; Teamster:  Steve Knapp of Galesburg, Michigan. Lion provided by Animal Entertainments        


Circusmobile with The Grand Clown of The Great Circus Parade, award winning actor Ernest Borgnine and his lovely wife and entrepreneur Tova Borgnine. Circusmobile furnished by Festa Italiana. Driven by David Barkin, grandson of Parade Founder Ben Barkin



The banner for the Baraboo all clown high school band.

Baraboo H. S. Marching Clown Band under the direction of Greg Lang   

High Class Clown on stilts – Walter (Never Falter) Jankowski of Monona, Wisconsin, visible in the background.


Left and Below:

#75 Hagenbeck-Wallace Fairy Tales Tableau pulled by 6 Black / White Percherons. Teamster:  Ron & Mary Christianson of Reedsville, Wisconsin. Fairy Tale Riders:  Faith Wittig, Lila Wittig-Graser, Nick Barth, Sheri Barth, Sam Sherman, Jeannine Sherman, Sally Marks, Robb Marks and friends.

All-American Circus Cage pulled by 6 Black / White miniature horses. Teamster:  Hal Bryant of Norris City, Illinois.

Baboons provided by Animal Entertainments

B&B “Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe” Pony Float pulled by 4 Ponies. Teamster:  Roger Griffith of Cambridge, Iowa. Old Woman:  Rita Lang

A close up of the big shoe.

Gold Knights

                                    Riders:  Kristine A. Baker, Lisa Docter, and Beth Gehris.

Left and Below:

Barnum & Bailey Golden Age of Chivalry pulled by 6 Black / Grey Percherons

Teamster:  Les & Sandi Benner of Millington, Michigan. Maiden:  Meghan Shannon. Knights:  Kevin Shannon & Eric Pagels

Green Knights

                                    Terry Richards, Susan Marie Hasler, and Cyndi Kostichka

Left and Below:
Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps., under the direction of Roman Blenski.




The Pioneers


Left and Below:

#34 Golden Bros. Tableau pulled by 4 Black Percherons. Teamster:  Leland and Connie Hovey of Cresco, Iowa. Riders:  Norm Mishelow, John Diedrich, Shirley Glomoceitz, Noah Reiss, Andy & Abby Schroeder.

The beginning of the Cinderella unit.


Carriage (with King and Queen go to the ball) pulled by 1 black percheron

Teamster:  Lynn Perreault of Cashton, Wisconsin. King:  Bruce O’Neill. Queen:  Peppy O’Neill. One of the Green Court men is walking beside the carriage.    



New Berlin West H. S. Marching Band under the direction of Mark Grower

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