The Complete Stereo Photographer

     Stereo pictures have been around since the early days of photography, when glass plates were being used. The technique has not changed, and the idea behind it is very simple. We see in stereo by taking the images from our right and left eyes, and mixing them. The brain determines depth by comparing the amount of shift bettween various elements of a given scene. The technical term for this shift, is paralax. it is generally thought of as a nucance by photographers, and by sportsmen and snipers when adjusting rifle scopes, in which case it is giving the unflatering label of paralax error. The greater the paralax, the nearer the object. In theory, an object at an infinate distance would show no paralax at all. In practice there is a limit to the amount of shift our brains can percieve, but it is sometimes amazing just how high this limit can be.

stereo cameras
stereo realist
Using a standard camera
prism splitters
shifting the camera
adjustments in camera shift
using different lenses
buying a prism splitter
buying a camera shifter
building a camera shifter

viewing stereo pairs
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Stereo singles
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problems with stereo shifting
trees and things that sway in the breeze
clouds and changing light
people, cars, animals and other things that won't hold still