This may shock a number of people; but guns are designed to kill things. It may be a burglar, a criminal, an enemy soldier, or in some cases an innocent victim or an unlucky bystander. A gun that kilss, or injures, is not malfunctioning. Unfortuantly, a great deal fo harm is done, using fireamrs, by the types of people that the left is constantly enouraging us to have on the street. When the left, through it's great champions on the bench, forces the release of dangerous criminals, they will misuse guns. When the left forces the drugging of schoolchildren for years, damaging their brains, and altering their personalities, they may misuse guns. In point of fact, there is a much clearer and more direct link between violence and the use of phsychotropic drugs, than there is between violence and gun ownership.

 Indeed, much of the ridiculous and wrongheaded policy forced upon us by the left seems to gaurantee the misuse of guns. Is it any wonder the, that the left overwhelmingly opposes gun ownership, this great proof of the failure of the left to be able to produce or maintain civilized society.