A pair of help desk operators helpfully let me take their photo - even though they have no idea who I am or what I might do with their picture - which is probably just as well. This is the kind of trust in associates that helps to make the company great. I almost hated to betray that trust by posting the photo here.

The horns that seem to be growing out of the head of the guy to the right are merely optical illusions, caused by the light coming through the windows on the doors in the background. At least I hope so, because that guy started looking at me, and I have to tell you it was kind of scary. And how come the other members of his team wouldn’t sit by him? I mean, I’m just asking. And look at how frightened that girl over on the left looks. What's going on here?

Oh, no - it's one of those gangster girls, giving me a gangster sign. She looks so young and innocent too. I believe she is part of the big C gang - very dangerous. 
Spring is in the air. I wonder how many romances get started at these meetings. These two should probably get married.
Food was available and enjoyed.

Lots of green and gold, but fortunately there was no green food. The only green food of which I am aware is not supposed to be green; but has been sitting in my refrigerator for way to long. Still tastes all right though.

A member of the help desk helps himself.

Guess which one is a spy from AT&T.

One of these men is the bouncer. Can you guess which one? Maybe someone should tell him about the AT&T guy.
Three people who take things very seriously. They really need to learn to lighten up. Though our customers would be very happy to know how serious minded we all are, life is to short.
A look at the rotunda of the Milwaukee Theater.  
I love old buildings like this. Nobody dares to build like this any more, due to the shortage of really skilled workers, and the cost of designing these kinds of structures.
A vertical shot gives a view of the domed ceiling. This ceiling was once filled with glass panels, to act as skylights.
One last look at a room full of people talking and eating - two of the things that people like best, and both only requiring the use of one organ (for those who aren't sure, that organ is the mouth.).
  An innocent man is attacked by camera wielding  associates. I saw (and often participated in) many savage incidents like this.
  A roundtable discussion reveals some shocking secrets. Just look at the face of the girl to the right. She will never look at her coworkers the same again.
  Hanging around outside. 
  Hanging around inside.  
  Look buddy, I don't care who you are. It is a fashion  faux pas to wear white this early in the year.

LeAnne trained me, and this is the thanks she gets.

  The big C. A very dangerous team leader. You cross old school guys like this, at your peril.

Because there are no phone booths left any more, U.S. Cellular has decided to try and see how many people it can jam, squash, and pack into a hallway. Cedar Rapids set the record, with 752. I know we can do better. Come on Wisconsin, let your pride show.

  The doors are open, and the presentation will soon start.  
  Sitting in the auditorium, I noticed that the people in front of me brought along a big roll of paper, presumably for protection in case it rained inside the theater. I then noticed the writing all over it - my first introduction to the spirit of the associate meetings.
  Lots of banners, lots of shouting, and lots of enthusiasm - it reminded me a bit of a political convention, except that what we do here is much more important. We also do not cause any taxes to be raised, do not send any armies into any foreign lands, and only give money to people who actually work and deserve to be paid. I would take this over a political convention any day of the week. We also dress more tastefully.
  The silver discs are reproductions of our eleventh (or is it our twelfth?) J.D. Powers award.
  A rare, calm moment. Apparently we were pacing ourselves, and saving our energy for the speakers. We needn't have bothered. The speakers had plenty of energy of their own.

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