Big C and part of his gang. Mostly they are awake, but one closes her eyes and dreams of far away places, and future adventures.
Andrea from the help desk.
The gentle face of coworkers away from work.
This time, my flash went off like it was supposed to.
Jasmine and Charles, competing to see who could have the largest smile. I think Jasmine won - looks like a see a couple of molars back there. Wine will do that to you.

The variety of emotions is amazing. Some wipe away tears, while others smile broadly. It’s just the kind of organization that we are.

Attempting to find a way to explain that this woman's face is green.
More of that gangster stuff.
Well whatever was going on before, seems to have been resolved. Everyone is happy, some are even kissing. This is the kind of effect that these associate meetings have.

Damon giving me a gang sign, in case I might have forgotten that we are on the same team. The all associate meetings are neutral territory, but in the call center it is very important that you giver proper signs, and never wander into the territory of another team. Doing so risks becoming the victim of a drive by stapling.

Former frat brothers. After the meeting, they are going to a kegger.
When these two start to  sing, they can hit notes so high, that they can shatter the cans that Dr. Pepper comes in. Their coach beams with pride.
This man just came from a long and wild St. Patrick's Day party. That party is still going.
Associates prepare for the annual inebriated friendship dance. This is what the preparations looked like.
This is how they felt.

      As promised, here are various shots of the traditional inebriated friendship dance. This is a rare and sacred rite, not open to outsiders. Previously, it was known only from descriptions by those few brave souls who had witnessed it being performed, and had lived to tell the tale.

Signs, prominently displayed at the facility prohibit any recording devices. The risks were great, but the rewards even greater. These are the first ever, pictures to be taken and released to the outside world.

        Shocking? Yes. Disturbing? Perhaps. Still, it is all part of that grand pageant that makes of the world, the colorful and unique place that it is. Without such a variety of practices and cultures the world would be a poorer, if more settled and orderly place. It is all part of the great adventure of life.
I saw a number of other people here with cameras, which is one of the reasons I did not dance. The other reason is that I can not dance.