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Pike Place Market
Seattle, Like many port towns, supports a large fishing fleet, and has always had a significant fish market. It also supports the fishing fleets of much of Alaska, and has a considerable salmon fishery. In addition to all of this, the rain, and volcanic soil of the surrounding areas support a very successful agricultural effort. This, along with the large port, and significant commerce with Alaska, mean that quite a bit of food passes through Seattle. Though most is sold commercially, much of it passes through the Pike Place Market, a sort of a combination farmers market, and fish market. Still, with all of the crowds which the place attracts, there is more being sold here, these days, than food. Though the market itself was always main stream, the surrounding neighborhood had become a bit seedy. At the present time, the area here is being gentrified, and much of the old strip bar, and red light district business is gone.

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