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Ketchikan has traditionally been a fishing town, and is still the salmon capitol of the world. This sets it apart from places like Skagway, which were made famous by the early and limited gold rush and mining boom. Unlike the old time prospectors, the fishing fleets are still here, and fishing captains are still able to make, or lose, a fortune every season. Ketchikan is also known for its red light district - Creek Street. Creek Street got its name due to the fact that it was a boardwalk which went around, and sometimes over, one of the creeks up which the salmon come here to spawn. Since this was a street full of brothels, locals used to joke that both the fish and the fishermen went up Creek Street to spawn.

A DeHavilland Beaver, in flight. These planes, and others like them, are invaluable up north. These aircraft are everywhere. Of the 1657 built, most are still flying. Though the aircraft went out of production in 1967. There are plans to reintroduce the line, so popular have these planes become.

A Beaver at the dock, awaiting passengers.
The panel on this beaver tells the story of what has happened to these planes. Most Beavers are extensively modified, with new panels, new engines, new electrical systems, and numerous other modifications deemed important to their present day operators. This Beaver has an all glass cockpit. Many have had their original radial engines replaced with more modern piston, or even turboprop engines. Most have been rebuilt at least once.
Note the large side door - there is one on each side of the aircraft. Our pilot stands by to help us on, check our names off, and welcome us. The specs of the nominal, unmodified airplane are:

Seats          8(including pilot)
Length                        30' 3"
Wingspan                       48'
Height                              9'
Weight                        3000
Gross                          5100
Power                    450 HP
Max Speed           158MPH
Cruise Speed        143MPH
Range                           455
Ceiling                       18000
Climb                          1020

We all climb aboard, and are then off to Misty Fjords.
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