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More of Wind Cave
Left and above:
Intricate layers of boxwork.
Passing into one of the smaller tunnels.
A few broken boxworks line some of the cave walls here.
Boxworks on the walls ceiling and floor.
This is a dry cave, which is why their are no stalactites here, and why the walls are so roughly contoured.
Though they don't look like it, these are boxworks. They are in various stages of wear and breakdown.
A close up of some of the formations.
Heading down (always down) another jumbled corridor.
This is the closest thing that we have seen, to a big room in these caves.
More boxworks, this time looking a bit more like their name suggests.
layers of boxworks, with various levels showing. Here is where they really do look like stacked boxes.
More boxworks, and assorted layers of rock.
Boxworks worn almost completely down.
Back top the top. We have been going steadily down, for our whole tour. Fortunately, we do not have to climb our way back up.
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