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Across the abyss, and heading towards a platform, built over a very large cathedral like room, deep in the cavern.
There are some lights, in certain portions of the cave, to help us on our way. Most are carefully hidden.
A look over the side. Though we love to visit these places, after their taming by paths, stairs, and platforms, they are not really very hospitable in their native state.
We stop for a moment, to rest and to look around. We are definitely on our way back up, as can be seen by the stairs to the left, which are continued in the upper right hand side of the photo.
we look around and take photos. This is a comfortable spot, in a place which obviously has few natural comfortable spots.
Looking back at the tunnel, and abyss, through which we had just passed.
The same tunnel, without flash, and showing the lighting used by the park.
Onwards and upwards. Before the stairs and paths were built, this same tour would have taken days. For us, the tour is a matter of a couple of hours.
Gaining the top of the stairs brings us to another of the may chambers held by this cave system.
Pausing at the top, to overlook the scene shown in the photo below.

There is quite a vista here, considering that we are underground. You would not expect to find such large spaces down here.
A look back, at the twisted path winding through the rock formations. These caves are deep, and seem, to go on forever, yet we have only covered a small portion of what has already been explored down here.
Left and Below:
Passing through yet another tunnel, traversing yet another abyss.
Left and Below:
Crossing yet another large room, and deep fissure.
The cave by its own light. Sadly, tripods are not allowed down here, so there are few places offering enough light to use for photography. Its a shame really, because the cave looks much better by this light.
The final crossing, as we head back to the main room, and to the elevators which will take us the rest of the way to the surface.

One of the few photos taken, which shows a bit of the sparkle effect of the walls of the cave.
The end of our tour, and we are awaiting the elevators which will take up back up to the welcome center.
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