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More of The Black Hills
A rare bare spot along the road in The Black Hills.

Most of the area is quite lushly forested.
Downtown Keystone. This is more or less the gateway to Mount Rushmore.
The hills are everywhere, in some places showing bare peaks.

An entire mountain is being carved into a visage of Crazy Horse. The fact that there were never any pictures of sculptures of Crazy Horse, and that no one actually knows what he looked like, has not discouraged the workers here.
The horses and hills of The West.

Winding and twisting through The Black Hills.

Driving though one of the more heavily forested sections of The Black Hills.
Getting into the pinnacles area, where the bare granite peaks of the hills, mountains really, are exposed.
Sections of this part of The Black Hills are national preserves. The whole area is dominated by parks, preserves, and monuments.
Rounding a curve, in the pinnacles area.

Horse Thief Lake
A look past Horse Thief Lake, down the road that twists around it.
Left and Below:
Some views of Horse Thief Lake, and the surrounding hills.
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