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                                                 Hot Springs
This castle like residence sits on the old main drag, and overlooks cliffs, and the river.
The store fronts of the old main drag. This is right out of the Old West.
A tourist information booth, with the old rules painted on the side. Despite all of the rules regarding proper hitching, I see no horses here now.
The old railroad station, which is now the tourist information center.
An old railroad caboose. It appears that the trains no longer run here; but such was not always the case. At one time, members of the upper class used to flock to this place, for the waters of the hot springs.
The old jail, from the pioneer and cowboy days.
A look down main street.

The old mill.
The hotel, and courthouse, sit on what is now the highway though town.
A view of the old granite courthouse.
The hotel, originally built for those who came here for the water.
I love this shot. How much crime can there be, in a town where the police station has a front porch, and a soft drink machine?
Oh deer! Note the more cautious, and skeptical companion, watching from the sidewalk.
Black hills gold, and other businesses still cater to the visitor. Today's visitor may be a bit less well heeled than the upper class types who had originally come for the waters, but arrive in much larger numbers.
The granite fronted store fronts, with offices, and apartments above.
The stairs in the background go up to another level of the city. This city is built in the midst of a series of hills, as are all of the cities out here. This has kept cities small, as large scale construction is very difficult in this terrain.
The architecture is wonderful, and has a timeless quality. These buildings are made from stone.
A look down one of the newer business districts.
The main drag has moved a bit, to a newer part of town. I suppose this is a good thing, making it a bit easier to preserve the old stone buildings.
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