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Still More of The Big Room

 We are just off of the Temple of the Sun, and looking at a pair of columns, as well as a number of stalactites on a nearby cave wall.                                                  

The white series of stalactites, in the upper middle of the photo, are known as the Chandelier.

A series of tunnels, in the  living rock, take us to the right, and out of the Southern section of the Big Room, and towards the Lower Cave view.

These tunnels, though they appear artificial, are natural formations, as is testified to by the profusion of .stalactites

We are near the Jumping Off Point, to the Lower Caves. Though this was the point at which the Lower CAves were originally accessed for exploration, an easier route has been found, which is the way that present day tourists access the caves.

one last look at the Jumping Off Point area, from near the Top of the Cross area.

Approaching the Top of the Cross.

Top of the Cross, and nearby structures. There is an area of stone benches here, where sermons had once been preached.

The Chandelier, as well as other structures, looking towards the middle of the Big Room.

Though no paths go here, a large side section of domes, stalactites, and other formations are lit. It can be seen that the area goes off a ways, into the darkness.

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