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Jackson, Wyoming
A rider, and his spare mount, look quite natural, under the sign for the Cowboy Bar. I had half expected him to stop and hitch his horses up.
The antler arch in the center of town, opens up onto the town square and city park.
Under the protection of a shady walkway, we cruise the shop fronts. This was welcome relief from the incredible heat which dogged us during the entire trip. This heat is not normal for Jackson.
A cowboy melodrama is staged for the benefit of tourists, who begin to gather. 
A little boy is temporarily a deputy to the shotgun toting sheriff.
With a sufficient crowd gathered, the sheriff goes about his business, which seems primarily to be that of shooting people. 
Drawn by the sound of shots, more people gather. In most eastern cities, this sound would have the opposite effect.
A crotchety old timer makes an appearance.
An "old timer" about to shoot a lost, and obnoxious tourist. This is something that I suspect many locals fantasize about in many tourist towns. 
Watching the performance, the crowd is oblivious to the magnificent sunset behind them. 
Another cowboy, obviously a bad guy, joins in the drama.
Watch out sheriff, he's coming for you.
For a change, some of the side streets are not packed with visitors, most area gathered to watch the cowboy show.
A look up the mountain from a side street. The crowd watching the show can be seen in the distance.
Good Goods, and other jackson Hole outfitters. This is where you go to get skis, backpacks, outdoor clothing, and gear of all sorts. 
Looking like something out of the deeps south this balconied corner building was full of little shops.
Clothing, cowboy art, crafts, and collectibles. This is one very expensive street to shop.
The show is over, and people begin to spread out and line the streets. 
Even the side streets were busy. Jackson thronged with people seeing the sights, shopping, eating, socializing, and enjoying themselves.
Once upon a time, the life of a city was it's downtown area. Everyone would meet there, shop there, eat there, and "hang around" there, but no longer. In most cities, it is the mall, shopping center, or internet which gets most of our business, but not in places like Jackson. the main streets were alive with people. The place had life, activity commerce, and fun.
The crowds keep busy, and the motion never stops. This kind of constant activity is inspiring, and contagious. We were enthusiastic sight seer's ourselves.
The classic all brick Wort Hotel. This is a full service facility, and does not pretend to be western or rustic.
A look down main street towards the mountain. The brown sign hanging over the street, off in the distance, points the way to Yellowstone, and Grand Teton parks.
A magnificent sky over the mountain speaks to us of rain. It stormed pretty good, that night, offering some relief from the heat.
The antler gateway, and a little pony driven stage coach for tourists.
Meet me under the antlers. Welcome to Jackson Hole City Park. I assume the statue in the distance is of General Jackson, though out here, it is just as likely to be of Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill, Jim Bridger, or Kit Carson.
Unable to get into teh Cowboy Steak House (no reservation), we came here, to the Teton Steak House. Steak is a big deal out here, and we did not leave hungry.
Order as you come in, and then eat while you wait for your steak. 

Of course they serve vegitarians (what do you think cows are?)
Going back for more is an option here.
The Teton Steak House.
As night falls, the lights come up, and people continue to fill the streets. 
This beautiful sunset was a great ending to a wonderful day.

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