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Tourists, trails and views
Tourists were perched, standing, sitting, hanging, walking, climbing, crawling, and laying everywhere. This is one of the most visited places in the world. Millions come here every year, from all over the planet (and possibly from other planets as well). The park, and it's concessionaires, happily lead these people around, take them on tours, sit them on mules, feed them, house them, enlighten them (either by explanation of exercise), and invite them all back next year. Many people take the park up on this offer, and the majority of tourists are repeat visitors. I know that I will be back.
Tourists at the edge. There are  number of scenic overlooks like this. I suspect that many of the visitors would not be there if they could see their perch from this vantage point. 
Tourists gather at the edge of a promontory, in which an observation platform has been built. This is the point of the viewing platform shown above.
A view off to the side of the overlook platform.
A different scenic vantage point, in another section of the park. The best views are right at the edge. 
Gathering at the point for a view and a photograph. I will be there myself in a little while, taking pictures that millions have already taken before me. 
Another group, gathered at the edge. The rim walk leads from one scenic overview, attraction, or facility to another. The whole walk can be done in a few hours, or one can take the shuttle busses (free) from one area to another, though the spaces in between will be missed. 
The stereotypical Japanese tourist, complete with cameras and many friends. In this shot, all were posing at the edge of the canyon. Note the collection of cameras at the side of the photographers. These cameras belong a number of the people being photographed, all of whom wished to have this picture taken with their own cameras.
A view of the next point over. There is no scenic overlook here, probably because the sides are too steep. 
More visitors, tourists, and adventurers. They too, begin to all look alike, until you talk to a few. They are from all over, and from every profession, but they have in common the lure of the canyon. The very uniqueness of the place moves people to open up to each other. 
Yet another view of the canyon from the rim walk. I am on the way to Hermit's Rest, and could have taken the bus, but would have missed much scenery, and many great views. 
A couple of canyon views through trees and rock spires are above, while a shot of a partial wall is to the left, and various shots along the rim are below. Too many things to see (and photograph), too little time. 

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