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Packing up, and Desert View
Desert View is the only part of the park which gives a really good view of the Colorado River. This is also the best place to go and watch the sunrise or sunset over the canyon. There is a great old observation tower, made of local stone, and covered inside with Indian drawings. We passed through, on our way out of the park, and spent a couple of hours looking around.
One last look at our lodgings. These are contained in long low structures, like a traditional motel. Unlike a traditional motel, these are set in secluded areas of the woods, away from Canyon Village.
Our first look at the tower of Desert View. 
The tower fits nicely in this natural setting, looking almost like a part of the local terrain. It is reached by a path coming down from the parking areas, and from a much more modern building which sells Grand Canyon, as well as Indian merchandise. There is also a food service area. 
The tower is worth seeing. It is a fairly old building, made from natural materials found in the area. Inside are Indian Murals, and some displays of Indian crafts (a weaver was working her loom during our visit). There is an outdoor viewing platform, as well as a viewing area in the top floor of the tower. Roof access is no longer permitted. 
A look out along Desert View itself. The canyon is not quite so deep here, and is beginning it's transformation into a desert plain. This will not happen for many miles. Unlike further down the canyon, the Colorado River can be plainly seen here. 
Though still obviously the Grand Canyon, changes are evident. The depth and complexity found farther along are not here. The canyon is not as deeply cut here.
More of the upper Grand Canyon of the Colorado.
A look over at the other side. This is Desert View, and is opposite of the Grand Canyon. 
A look at the ceiling of the tower. The place is covered in Indian drawings.
Even the spiral stairs are decorated
The outside viewing platform gives a good view of canyon on one side and desert on the other. 
The Indian drawings all over the walls, and the round shape of the tower, made me feel like I was inside a huge Indian drum.
A look down the open stairwell at more tourists below. 
Another look across Desert View. 
The Grand Canyon, still magnificent. The entire canyon is arguably 270 miles long. Arguments and disagreements take place over when it ceases to be a canyon, or when it is broken and becomes a different canyon. 

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