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The canals of Oklahoma City (Venice of the southwest?)

My first views of the canals of Oklahoma City. I had not known that such a thing existed. Above, is a view from street level. To the left is a view of the main landing/entrance, to the canal barges.

Below: Photos of one of the barges waiting for us, and of some of the terraces flanking the canal.

A look down the canal.
The canals are lined with walkways which are full of people. 
A barge coming around the corner.
The place is filed with birds and small animals.
Another look down the canal, as the sun sets into late afternoon.
All the way down.
Strolling along.

Below: Our fearless leader, who explained what was going on, pointed out the sights, made some jokes, and even sang us a song.

One of the restaurants alongside the water.
Coming out from under one of the many bridges crossing the canal.
An empty barge is parked along one of the walkways. These barges run all day, and are meant to be used as water taxis. A small fee gets you a hand stamp, which allows you to ride all day.
A plaza makes a good place to sit, rest, and watch the water.
A look the other way. The canals are only three feet deep, and area not natural structures. Though there are plans to extend them to join up with a nearby river, they are presently dependent on a series of man made fountains, and waterfalls to keep them filled.
Looking up towards street level, we see Bricktown Stadium, where Oklahoma City's minor league ball team plays. 
Some shops along the canal.
Our fearless leader again, with the Mickey Mantle restaurant in the background.
Walking along the uppermost level, with bridges and walkways connecting across the canal. 
A view down the canal from one of the upper levels.
A view down along the terraces.
A couple of ducks get ready for night fall.
Away from the business district the canals wind through a landscaped area which has become a long winding city park. A bit past the bridge, can be seen a waterfall made of brick.
One of the two man made "waterfalls" which help feed the canals. Our guide proudly told us that these were the two highest waterfalls in the state of Oklahoma.
Just past this other bridge can be seen the second of the two waterfalls.
Some of the paths and landscaping running alongside the canal. According to the plan, these areas will change greatly over the next several years, as more buildings and shops are located near the waters edge. Already both Sony and Nintendo have planned construction. 
The canal even meanders under some freeways. 
A glance at the downtown area, from the edge of the canal.
Downtown, and the Bricktown area, from the canal.
A parting shot. The sunset makes a perfect back drop to the cluster of tall buildings in the city center.

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