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More of Yellowstone Park
Geysers, Inns, Old Faithful of course, and what visit to the park would be complete without buffalo.
The Thumb Paint Pots are another structure which has changed over the years. At one time this was a colorful bubbling mud pool. many of the colors are now gone, and the bubbling activity is somewhat diminished. 
Another look past the sterile West Thumb Basin (though it is quite fertile for the production of geysers), and out over the lake. Snow capped mountains can be seen in the distance. Yellowstone is surrounded by peaks.
The clean up crew.
Railed boardwalk guard the thermal features and the tourists from the effects of each other.
A dead pool. This happens sometimes, but it could easily come back to life. Some new pools are forming as old ones go by the way. Activity levels in the individual pools increase or decrease according to some as yet unknown relationship deep underground. 
A rainbow of colors can be seen looking closely into the depths of this wide ranging pool.
A mother and daughter cross the boardwalk to see the otherworldly wonders of the geyser basin. 
The West Thumb Geyser Basin, with intermingled trees, tourists, and all of the rest.
Some campers sit adjacent to one of the geyser basins. Hot water right at your front door.
The side entrance to the Old Faithful Inn, looking a bit as if it were made from a giant set of Lincoln Logs.
I have wanted to stay at this place for years. Predictably, they were booked up.
Old Faithful Inn.
The Upper Geyser basin, which adjoins Old faithful (and the Old Faithful Inn).
Old Faithful stands dormant, while a crowd of faithful onlookers begins to gather. 

Old Faithful in front is joined by some related geysers in the background.

Many more people here now, and it will soon be time. I took no photos of the eruption this time, as I have dozens of them from past years 
on my Yellowstone pages.
The observation deck, a semi circle built in an arc 100 feet or so from Old Faithful. It is lined with benches and can just about hold the crowds that come to watch. In the distance is the peaked roof of the Old Faithful Inn.
Inside of the Old Faithful Inn, this huge copper clock sits affixed to the immense stone fireplace.
A look up into the log rafters. This place was built around the turn of the century, and is still the largest log structure in the world
A balcony sits over the lobby of the hotel. When first built, the place was lit by candles. These have been replaced by electric lighting, but an attempt has been made to keep the original look. Note that even the bannisters are made of logs.
The outer lobby of Old Faithful lodge.
The symbol of Yellowstone and an icon of the old west, buffalos are the largest hoofed animals in the country. 
Though not as exciting to see as buffalo, bear, and elk, there are also deer in abundance out here. 
Buffalo dot a clearing as they may have done over 100 years ago.
Looking in the other direction, off toward the mountains, there is not a buffalo in sight.
This couple has, like myself, parked off to the side of the road, in order to see the near by buffalo.
Some fellow buffalo watchers locate a strategic spot from which to observe and photograph their quarry.
A small herd of buffalo graze in an open field. This is very heartening for someone, like myself, who is old enough to remember when buffalo were considered to be on the way to extinction.

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