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100th anniversary memories

No summer event in Milwaukee can even be considered to be complete without the obligatory closing fireworks.

The lights stay down low as the fireworks continue. Projections of the aerial displays can be seen on the screens flanking the stage.

The air seems to be filled with sparks as towers through out the concert area blow out silvered pieces of mylar.


Is it snowing in August?

The cheering continues for quite a while, as the cameras pan the crowd.

The performers leave the stage. There will be no encore tonight. The show has lasted for almost eight hours, the concert itself has lasted for almost five. Everyone is tired, but no one wants to leave.

The stage is empty, and the lights come up. The whole sky is lit up by searchlights.

The concert closes with projections on the giant screens of scenes of the new Harley davidson motorcycles rumbling down the road.

This is the end of a week of revelry in Milwaukee, a year of celebration and events through out the world, and several years of planing and anticipation.

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