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Latest information is always at:1-800-HD100TH

This will be the picture page for the 
Harley Davidson 100th
This will take place at the end of August.
I hope to have my photos up by early October.
I already have my passes to the big 100th blowout.
What are YOU waiting for?
I will see you there!!

If you decide to come!
    As of this writing (June 24th) ticket packages are still available from Harley, if you haven't yet decided. The cost is $50, and it includes passes for all four days, and admission to special events at the lake front, including an exhibit in the art center. I recommend getting one soon, if you are planning to attend, otherwise you will pay scalper prices, and will get gouged. The kit includes a patch, guides to events, the pass itself, and a ticket to enter a raffle, as well as the pass itself, and a set of Harley, and American flags. Have you got something better to do this summer?
    I do highly recommend getting lodging first. This late in the summer, you will probably end up camping. Hotels, and motels are definitely booked up over the duration of the event, for over 100 mile radius around the city, and have been so for the last several years; don't even try. Camping is still available at some places, but be warned that rates are can be between $100 and $300 for the week. If you camp in Wisconsin, do be aware that this is deer tick country, and that we are one of the leading states in Lyme disease infection. Do not forget your insect repellent.
    Many of the state parks in Wisconsin have non-reservable camp sites which are strictly first come first serve, though I would recommend attempting to reserve a site. Still, if you are desperate, and can get there early enough, there will be campgrounds available at these places. Once in, it may be possible to pick up a reserved site, from a no show or cancellation. The two best parks for this are the Kettle Moraine State Forest Southern Unit , which is right off of Highway 94 a half hour west of Milwaukee, and  the  Richard Bong State recreation area  Which is also right off of highway 94, but this time a good half hour south of Milwaukee.
Lodging information
Riders Ranch (Waukesha Expo) State Fair Park Wisconsin State Parks Private home rentals
Shelties Racine HD camping Camp Wisconsin Megahousing
Message board (Some accommodations listed) Rotary Club Oak Groves vacation rentals
Residence Inn Camping at Homestead House of Harley lodging info Private campgrounds

Event Information

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