The Parade

A promenade through the Milwaukee area, ending at the lake front

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A bit of a lull ocurs, as parade riders are caught up in the crowds on Wisconsin Avenue.

Passing the people, parking structures, and the bridges separating downtown from the rest of the city, this group of riders has just escaped the crowds on Wisconsin Avenue.

A banner is slung between two bikes from New Zealand. Here they round the corner of Milwaukee and Wisconsin, trying to  keep their banner from being tangled up.

Pilot, copilot, and navigator race around the turn at the corner of Milwaukee, and Wisconsin.

What the formally dressed Harley rider is wearing, on his new V-Rod.

Horned helmets aside, here come the real vikings, a flag bearer for a group of Nordic riders.

A lone star motorcyclist.

Look at that crowd! Another choke point is quickly forming. Riders who got past the friendly traffic jam on upper Wisconsin avenue, and thought they were in the clear, now need to navigate these new crowds.

This couple, along with some others, seem to be on a pleasant day's ride, with the huge crowds lining the streets, and clinging to the sides of buildings, being something of an afterthought.

People seem to fill every empty space along and above the street. This is another lull, in which the spectators await  riders who have gotten hung up in the crowds further up on Wisconsin Avenue.

Follow the arrow; it's this way.

Streamers and scores of people wait on a side street for the riders to pass. Vendors, and parked motorcycles fill the side street.

Another group passes, seeming particularly patriotic. Several large flags are in evidence in this group.

Flanked by a pair of parking structures, filled with people, these riders are about to pass out of downtown, and pass under the freeways which have become it's southern boundaries.

Police can be seen attempting to at least maintenance the illusion of some order here, but it is a losing battle.

With all of that exposed skin out in the hot summer sun, this rider may soon be as red as his bike.

More flags fly as riders from all over the world let us know where they are from, and invite us to get to know these places better.

Things begin to get crowded again a bit further down, after riders cross under the freeway.

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