The Parade

A promenade through the Milwaukee area, ending at the lake front

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We missed you.

As with parades of previous years, the side streets are already filling up with impromptu parties, and lots of motorcycles, even as the parade continues.

The main streets will be opened up, after the parade ends, but many side streets will remain closed to act as large bike parking lots. We are one block off of the main parade route.

A little girl forgets her shyness.

The parade winds down, and the spectators close in. Up on Wisconsin Avenue, things have already ended, and the streets have been reopened to crowds heading down to the lake.

These are the last of the parade riders. Bringing up the rear will be some trucks, and a police escort.

The last of the riders has passed, and the parade ends as it began, with a police escort, and the Harley Davidson Semi's

The Harley trucks pass, ending the parade, and are followed by emergency service vehicles, and a huge contingent of motorcycle police from all over the world.

Who's in charge here anyway?

Awaiting the rest of the mounted officers, and reorganizing for the final ride down to the lake.

Head em up, move em out!

The front line of bikes from an assortment of police departments. Note the baby blue helmets on the officers to the left.

The motley crew moves out. The idea was to get all of the police riders gathered in one place and then make a grand entrance.

The thin blue line, or at any rate the motorcycle mounted portion of it.

Electra glide in blue.

Who are you, and why are you taking my picture?

The last of the parade bike has gone by, and the parade is over. Police (Milwaukee, I think) take down the barricades to open the main streets back up.

As soon as the streets are opened, throngs of reunion riders come down, as a sort of unofficial parade. They are headed to the lake front festival grounds, along with the parade riders.

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