The Little festival that could
Clearing Out
Quite the collection of  bikes. Harley Davidsons from all over the country (and the world) fill Lake Drive, as far as the eye can see. In acknowledgment of their special status, and the adoration in which they are held, special consideration is given.
A line of motorcycles awaiting their riders. 
Lake Drive is just a bit crowded, with visitors, and spectators.
The crowds mill around the lake. Some are leaving, while others just want to ride around for a while. Many are still heading to the reunion, and have not even stopped yet. This photo is taken along Lake Drive, not too far away from the reunion grounds, but still somewhat south of the parking areas.
More motorcycles (and cars) pass by as I stand on the grassy median. Riders passed back and forth here all day.
Nothing impersonal about this crowd.
Cruising the lake.
One pulls out, and another pulls in. As with all big events, parking nearby is at a premium.
For those who are lucky, or who got here early enough, there is free street parking close to the grounds. The rest need to continue north, several blocks along the lake to the paid parking areas.
More bikes lined up, as far south as the eye can see. 
The first of the riders to leave, and head into town. Note the blue full dresser, with the sidecar. I think it is the same one as was in the ride in bike show.
Oh, if only women rode Harleys when I was a girl your age. (sigh)
Riders an your mark! here is a sight you don't see at every stop light every day, even in Milwaukee.
Leaving the reunion area, and heading out onto Lake Drive. These riders are, I suspect, heading into the city to see the sights. Of course, the biggest sight to see, over this particular weekend is them.
A shot down a very crowded Lake Drive, along Milwaukee's lake front. Downtown is visible in the background, with the "big finger" being particularly distinct. 
One last shot of the reunion riders on lake Drive, before I leave. It is now late afternoon, and people are still coming, even as some leave for a visit to the city proper. Tonight the streets will be filled with the sounds of motorcycles, and the bars and restaurants will be filled with riders, talk of motorcycles, and tales of journeys taken.

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