The Late Great Circus Parade




Left and Below:

Ringling Bros. Lion Bandwagon pulled by 8 Black Shires. Teamster:  Troy Havilland of Gilbert, Arizona. 13-piece Circus Band under the direction of Dick Strauss 

The ten horse team of the Pawnee Bill Bandwagon.

Left and Below:

#80 Miller Bros. 101 Ranch Tableau - (Pawnee Bill Bandwagon),  pulled by 10 Black / Bay  Clydesdales Teamster:  Eric & Dianne Brown of Zearing, Iowa. 15-piece Wild West Band under the direction of Art Zens        

Carriage with Mrs. Lou Ringling, First Lady of the American Circus. Horses by Bob Johnson of Delmar, Iowa. Mrs. Lou Ringling portrayed by Lu Ann Amey  

Ringling Equestriennes

Riders:  Barb Dylak, Kris DeMarce, Heidi Andrews, Bonnie McMullen, Jennifer Hans, Renee Rick, Lindsay Mikes, Donna Wilterdink, Aubrey Anton, Kim Mackey, Kathleen Carney, Cindy Horning, Kimberly Horning, Jolene Gremminger, Darla Dawkins, Todd Andrews, Carrie Schultz, and Shelby Anton.

Left and Below:

Waukesha North H.S. Marching Band under the direction of Steve Fisher and Greg Richlin.  The Waukesha North “Northstar” Marching Band will be representing Wisconsin in the 2010 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Ringling Section Leaders – walking. Patricia Pluta Kupkovits & George Kupkovits of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The members of the crowd stretch their necks to get a view of a live giraffe.

Left and below:

#39 Ringling Bros. Giraffe Wagon pulled by 4 Sorrel Belgians. Teamster:  Terri Kipp-Johnson of Loyal, Wisconsin. Giraffe by Animal Entertainments

Left and Below:

B&B “Cinderella” Pony Float pulled by 4 Sorrel Welsh Ponies. Teamster:  Will Swierenga of Darien, Wisconsin

Left and Below:

B&B “Mother Goose” Pony Float pulled by 6 Sorrell Welsh Ponies. Teamster:  Joseph Abell of Walworth, Wisconsin          

Left and Below:

Ringling Bros. Bell Wagon pulled by 6 Black Percherons. Teamster:  Dick & Marie Brown of Hudson, Iowa.

Cathedral Bells of Moscow played by Carolineer:  Rory Bolton

Left and Below:

Ringling Bros. Snake Den pulled by 4 Grey Percherons. Teamster:  Dennis & Jennifer Goldsmith of Swanton, Ohio. Snake charmers plus 4 snakes by Animal Entertainments

Clown Snake Charmers (2 walking characters)

Portrayed by Neal Skoy & Laura Otremba

Left and Below:

#37 Hagenbeck-Wallace Tableau (Lion’s Bride) pulled by 6 Black Percheron. Teamster:  Walter Hemmersbach of Cashton, Wisconsin. 15-piece Circus Band under the direction of Gerald Stich

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