The Late Great Circus Parade









Some of the jesters.





Wooden Farm Wagon (w/ stepmother and ugly stepsisters) pulled by 2 Mules. Teamster:  Don Bales of Subula, Iowa. Wicked Stepmother:  Mary L. Simmons. Ugly Stepsister #1:  Keiandra Honeysucker

Ugly Stepsister #2:  Kiara Honeysucker

Cinderella Unit Banner Page and Glass Slipper Page Laura Topham and Kate Wolf. Prince Charming on horse back Lawrence Smoller of North Prairie, Wisconsin

RBBB Cinderella Carriage pulled by 6 Shetland Ponies

 Teamster:  Blair C. Purcell of Stouffville, Ontario, Canada. Cinderella:  Martha Ziegler


Carriage (w/Fairy Godmother) pulled by 2 ponies. Teamster:  Gary Norwick of Waukesha, WI; Footman:  Robert Trader.

Fairy Godmother:  Jenifer Fox.



#20-A  Terrell Jacobs Una-Fon Wagon pulled by 6 miniature Ponies Teamster:  Wayne Withers of Newark, Illinois. Authentic Una Fon instrument by J.C. Deagan of Chicago, Illinois


Left and Below:

#19-A  Terrell Jacobs Wolf Tableau pulled by 4 Ponies. Teamster:  Martin Hilldreth of Rockwell City, Iowa

Circus Splendor Section Leaders – walking. Jill Kruse and Joan Kinateder

Left and Below:

#1 John Robinson Bandwagon pulled by 6 Black Percherons. Teamster:  Walter & Lucille Rice of Delta, Pennsylvania

15-piece Circus Band under the direction of Dale Deeds

Left and Below:

#66 B. B. & H. Cage/Tableau pulled by 4 grey / dapple Percherons. Teamster:  Mary Jane Swedberg of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Topriders:  Ephraim Williams portrayed by Andre’ Lee Ellis

Mrs. Williams portrayed by:  Brooke Tatum. Ephraim Williams was America’s First African-American Circus Owner and got his start in Milwaukee.  His railroad circus traveled throughout the upper mid-west in the late 19th & early 20th century. 


Left and Below:

#89 B&B Cage/Tableau (Whiskers) pulled by 4 Grey Percherons. Teamster:  Mike & Denise Gildernick of DePere, Wisconsin. Tapir provided by Animal Entertainments

Left and Below:

#52 F. J. Taylor Bandwagon pulled by 6 grey Percherons Teamster:  James & Lori Volden Olsen of Cashton, Wisconsin. 12-piece Windjammers Band under the direction of Charles Schlarbaum


Further down:

#11 Arthur Bros. Ticket Wagon pulled by 6 Sorrel Roan Belgians. Teamster:  Darrel Stair of Mindoro, Wisconsin. Clown:  Keith Crary, Milwaukee native and award winning make-up artist


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