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Operation Greek Isles.

    Shrouded within the protective isolation of the gentle mountains of southern West Virginia, a mystery lay hidden, for 35 years. At any rate, it was a mystery for any who would have taken note; but even here was a mystery, as little note was taken. The mystery settled upon the very small town of White Sulfer Springs. So what noteworthy observations may have created a mystery here? Well, for those who posses awareness of such things, there were several. This has always been a rather sparsely populated, rural area, with no particular industry, nor wealth of any note. The single entity of any interest has been the Greenbrier Hotel, and here, as it turns out, was the source of the mystery.
    Considering the nature of the area, a shrewd look might cause some confusion. This area has a 7500 foot runway, at what should have been a small local airport, rating little more than a grass strip. There was also the freeway. The Greenbrier area has it's own Interstate highway, which dead ends here, and would seem to have no other purpose that to convey traffic to the Greenbrier. But why would a tiny town, and a resort, rate a highway all to themselves? There is also a rail spur, and railroad station. Then there is the Grenbrier resort itself.
    The Greenbrier itself would seem to hold little scope for mystery. It is a classic, gracious resort/hotel, which has been patronized by the American upper class, and discriminating visitors from abroad for well over a hundred years.

    The mystery deepens upon close examination of the Greenbrier itself, much of it residing behind a steel faceplate with an ominous "Danger High Voltage" sign affixed. to a steel casing outside of a secluded section of the building.


    There are few photographs that I can show, and none fo the interior of the Greenbrier itself. Cameras are strictly prohibited, though this has not always been the case. I have had to settle for a few photos of the outside, and of some of the nearby structures. I am too proud to steal the photographs of others, so this site will relay more on description than illistration.

The Greenbrier Hotel has been know to generations of this nations first families, and to the upper crust of the world.

    The tour starts at a community center in White sulfer Springs. Tours are by reservation only, and cost $30. A bus pulls up to the back door, and takes the visitors a few blocks, to the Greenbrier.