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City of Oakridge
        Oakridge is located just north of Knoxville, in an area of ridges and valleys. It is now an open city, and has been for decades, so visitation is simply a matter of finding it on a map and driving down; but some times are better for visitation than others. My trip took place during the Secret City Festival, which is held every year, on the third weekend of June. This is the best time to go, since there are special tours, exhibits, and displays.
This is the Peace Bell, cast in Japan and brought here to Oak Ridge, presumably to show that there are no hard feelings.
Note that the log used as a bell ringer is chained and locked. Leaving it open would make for a very noisy and unpeaceful peace park.
The Peace Bell pavilion is at the edge of the city's main park, and across from the University. it is very Oriental in design.
Inside, the bell maker's name is cast into the casing.  
  A close up of the Peace Bell. Several times a year, amidst great ceremony, the great log is unlocked, and the bell is rung.
  This is what is left of the old Guest House, also know as the Alexander Inn. Boy, doesn't that pool look inviting.
  Now boarded up, and protected from trespassers, the Inn was at one time the best place in town, and was temporary home of presidents, senators, generals, and eminent scientists. Now it is home to roaches and rats.
  Views of the long front porch, and entrance. Many of the top people staying here signed in under false names (Fermi was Mr. Farmer). There are plans to restore this place; but it will be a monumental task.
  One last look at the old Guest House. This is a classic structure, with several wings, and a venerable history. It would be a shame to lose such a monument to the ravages of time and neglect; but it is in serious danger of soon passing the point at which it might be saved. It is now on the official list of most endangered historical structures. 
  This is The Church on the Hill, a sort of a generic place of worship erected early in the history of Oak Ridge. This single church was used for all of the different services of all of the different religions in the area. Services would be scheduled so as not to interfere with each other.
  Ultimately, this was the reason for all that went on here. This is the way to the Y-12 Nuclear weapons complex.
  Parked beside the ever present fences and warning signs. The fence doesn't look like much; but needless to say, there are a number of other protective features, and bigger fences lie ahead.
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