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Performers, and those gathered to watch are all dressed in period costumes. At this event, with so many people in costume or living in vintage accommodations,  it is sometimes hard to define anyone as a non performer.
A look up one of the commercial streets which is now becoming quite crowded as the day goes on.
This pretty authentic looking ox cart holds a supply of staves and walking sticks which are for sale. The wheels are made in the traditional manner of slats, and held in place with a pin.
A selection of flags is on sale for the trapper, or visiting tourist, who wishes to show his allegiance. 
Some distinctly modern dressed tourist mingle with the participants. Perhaps we can be thought of as another exotic tribe, which would explain our strange, and often ugly, clothing. 
Getting ready for the knife and hatchet throwing competition. 
Lining up to throw. The men here exhibit a variety of costumes. 
Checking his mark, this hatchet armed knife thrower gets ready to toss.
The man in front will soon be getting out of the way. he checks the distance, and makes sure that all competitors are lined up at the same distance from the mark. He is acting as a rangemaster, and scorekeeper. He is assisted by two line judges.
It has begun. The first man has already thrown, while the second is in the windup and about to release. The others watch and wait their turns. 
A little less orderly here, as everyone throws at once. Note the knife flying though the air. 
You would think that there would be a best way to do this, but a variety of throwing styles are in evidence.
This participant seems to be trying to put some English on his knife by twisting his body. I saw a bit of this, with the throwers reminding me of bowlers, as they moved their bodies in a subconscious effort to influence the travel of their knives. 
Pulling the knives out of the tree sections used as targets, could be as much of a test as getting them in . 
Two younger participants watch as the older guys show off their skills.
Let the contest begin. Black powder shooters stand at the firing line and let loose.
Shooters check in, ready their rifles, and wait their turns. They then take their places on the firing line, demonstrating their skill with these sometimes temperamental weapons. . 

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