Muscle Cars
    Before there was anything like the concept of the automobile, males of the speices (along with a few select females) have always felt a certain desire to prove their power abilities, and fitness. Speed as an attribute of power, balance, and ability, has always been held in high esteem. Men raced horses for generations, as they still do, and even raced each other on foot, as they also still do. Most of us seem to have a desire to be first; the human race is a sprint.
    It was only natural, that as soon as motor vehicles came to be, some came to be faster than others.

    Muscle cars had their progenesis in several factors. There was the general wealth fo the country, the optimistic, even competitive spirit of the times, the rise of american youth, and the maturation of a number of technical developments.

Muscle cars were cheap enough that it was actually possible for a regular guy to have one

Muscle cars were loaded with potential, which is why so many motorheads of the day were always tinkering with their cars.