Spirit of the times
    I was born just too late to be able to recall much of anything, but envy and wistfull longing, about the great heydey of the road, muscle cars, freedom, and all things automotive. Still, it was quite a time, even for those of us locked into the role of the passive observer. This was the world that the victors of the Second World War made for their children, the baby boomers, and what a world it was!     Teh people of the forties and fifties were a rather trustworthy, hardworking, respectable lot, and were treated accordingly. The result of this was a very free and open society in the sixties.
    We are a very odd, and in some ways self destructive species. It seems that just when we have things pretty close to teh way we want them, we have to go and muck it all up. This is sirt of like a child who spends enless time, and patience setting up a house of cards, a tower of dominos or Legos, or a sand castle, just for the pleasure of being able to knock it all down. By the mid seventies, it was all over. The disco era with it's awful cars, silly clothes, flash, glitter, pretense, and hideous music, was all too soon upon us. In retrospect, it may be that the mediocrity of the late seventies, and early eighties is why the sixties are able to generate such feelings of nostalgia. It may also be that there was still just a bit of the fifties left in the culture of the sixties, and the two cultures coexsisted for a decade before the new "progressive" culture won out.

    I was born in 1957

the seventies were at the same time, the best and worst of decades. They began with classic rock and roll, the finest muscle cars ever sold to the general public,

    We had an active, but largely impotent counterculture, at that time. It was just pervaisive enough to be universal, just extreme enough to be fun, and not powerful enough to be threatening. Unfortunatly, the counter culture of the sixties, and early eventies, became the politically correct liberalism of the nanny state, is it grew and became strong.