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Get Your Kicks

A journy of 2400 miles begins with a single step on the gas.

The road begins
A 360 degree panorama of the start of Route 66
Your life might be a bitch; but mine is a sweetheart. I suppose it's all in teh way you treat them.
That toddlin town

And here is the sign. In the early sixties, the origonal Route 66 signs were taken down, as the road was being offically replaced by the interstate. In the last few years though, the signs are being replaced. This sign is at Addams and Michigan, which  is not really where the road began; but is as close as you can get by car these days. if you want to start at the beggining of the old raod, and drive the whole way, this is where you will need to start. If you are walking, at least for the first few miles, you have other options.

A look up from the most well known start of Route 66. This view looks up Jackson from Lake Shore Drive. This was where the road began from 1933, until it's closure in1964. Previous to 1933, the road began one block west, about where the big granite building is standing. After 1955, upper Jackson street became one way going east, so route 66 had to make a right turn, up at the granite building, and head west on Addams. The end of Route 66 is marked as being at that same granite building. This was the origonal end of the road, until 1933, when it moved to the spot from which this photo was taken.