March of the little towns
    It seems that in embracing the urban culture, we have depersonalized so much of life. Once upon a time, people knew each other, said hello as they passed, and were even known to help each other out. Not any more. Now, we are a nation of strangers, condiucting ourselves in a very cool, proper, and business like way.

    I remember 30-40 years ago, growing up in a south side neighborhood, that we knew each other, even as city dwellers. Of course, we did not know everyone in town, but we did know most of our neighbors, and nearly all of the people with whom we did business. I remember Art's drugstore, where I used to get comic books, model airplanes, and candy. Art knew most of us, and we certainly knew him. I also remember Malek's Market, and Resler's store. All of these were little neighborhood shops. The owners, and employees were people we knew. Their kids went to school with me.
       When I was about thirteen years of age, we moved into a lakeside highrise on Milwaukee's East Side. What a contrast! What I was seeing, in microcosm, is what has been slowly happening to the culture of our nation over the last fifty years or so (some people would even put the start at 100 years ago). No one here, knew or particularly cared about anyone; it was not a neighborhood. This has always given me a rather soft spot for the Bay View area, and some other portions of Milwaukee's South Side.
    This new culture we are building ourselves consists of Mega Marts, high rise condos, and apartments, chain stores

    Many of us have found refuge within ourselves, or our homes. We no longer go out to eat, to watch movies, or to meet others. More and more, our peer group becomes he people we work with, or go to school with. We also don't stay put. Most people do not buy a house, put down roots, and build a life. Instead we rent, move,

disneyland, theme parks, resorts
we don't know each other, and don't want to know each other isolation at home, car, work
progress seems to equal isolation, gated communities, television internet VCR
ultimate goal is to do nothing, and see no one
no community, let the govt do it.