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Help me if you can. I took notes, but I also took hundreds of photos. This was a vacation after all, and not a survey. If any one can identify any of these features, please let me know. I have left hints where I can.

I suspect this is a shot of part of the hot cascades area, but can not be sure.

This seems to go with the photo above, but I can not be certain.

No idea

I suspect that this is either lone star, or another shot of Castle Geyser, but it does not seem to like like my other shots of Castle.

This may be the same geyser as shown above.

This may be Opalescent Pool.

These are either the artists paint pots, or the fountain paint pots. Frankly, without proper notes, one set of paint pots looks pretty much like another.

This could be Fountain or Artist paint pots, or could be a part of Sulfur Cauldron.

Fountain Paint Pots

Probably Sulfur Cauldron, but possibly Black Dragon Cauldron.

No idea

This is somewhere along the Firehole River, but I do not know where.

I must have really liked this little feature to have taken so many photos of it. It's a shame I can't identify it.

No idea

Another photo of the feature above.

No idea

This looks like part of the Norris Basin to me.

I suspect this is somewhere in Norris.

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