The last of the Badlands

My brother Chris, doing what most young men eventually do, in the Badlands. 
Christopher, looking down upon the rest of us, from a lofty perch. getting down should be even easier (and faster) than getting up. 
Taking a picture from here, makes him a real credit to the rest of us tourists. 
It seems a mighty long way up. 
A photo of our campground taken by an unnamed individual who climbed up a big rock. The lower prairie, and the pleasantness of the campground are shown to good advantage. 
This doesn't look like such a pleasant, or easy, climb from this angle. 
The road out of the campground, as we begin the journey out of the lower prairie. Most of the park is located down in this area, and there is a fairly steep grade to be negotiated, a short distance past the campground. Once the climb is made to the upper prairie, the visitor is soon out of the park. 
Part of the wall, which bounds the lower prairie, and also marks the edge of the campground, though no camp sites are near it. A bit of the wild, lower prairie grasses are visible in the foreground. 
The view from the top, as we are out of the lower prairie, and on our way out of the park. Naturally, we had to stop at the parking area on top, and get out for a few photos, and a final farewell.
Zoomed in a bit, to enhance the layered effect of the rock bedding. This was to be my last view of the park for ten years, and was my brother's last view ever, unless he should return some day. 
One last, good stereotypical shot of the convoluted structures of the wall. This is the Badlands as I always remember it, when I think back upon the place. 
My brother takes the parting shot, displayed above, before we leave the park. We are packed up, and about to start off, bound for Yellowstone Park, and destinations west. 
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