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‘‘Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who didn’t.’’ Ben Franklin

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Ramblings, and pointless opinions on firearms
Some thoughts on the AR-15
The Lever Action Rifle
Full Auto
Semi-Full Auto
Accuracy and the Free Floating Barrel
The Pistol/Carbine Combo
The .45 Auto
Wish List 
The Glorious Glock
My Interest in Guns
Accessories (the integrated system)
The Magazine Ban
Bullet Lethality
The .22 rimfire
Buying a Gun On-Line
The Para Ordinance guns
The S&W N Frame
Are revolvers obsolete?
The "Mighty" 44
The Bushnell Eotech Holosight
The Dan Wesson Revolvers
High resolution Gun Gallery
The Wonder Nine Invasion
The Snubnose
Concealed Carry
The Calico Light Weapon System
An Energy/Leathality Calculator
Velocity, and Barrel Length.
Books, videos, and resources
Stainless Steel Pistols
The "Knockaround" gun
The Big Guns
Firearms icons, and legends
Rolling Your Own

Firearms Reviews and Commentary
Based on my personal collection
Semi Autos
Coach Gun                   (3/03)
Ruger Redhawk               (7/03)
Para-Ordinance P-14
AR-15 Shorty
Mini Revolver
Para-Ordinance P-12
M1-A (M-14)           (3/03)
S&W M-13                     (3/03)
Glock 21                        (3/03)
HK-91 (G-3)
Dan Wesson 22VH
Calico Pistol                    (3/03)
M-1 Carbine
Hawes SAA
Glock 17                         (3/03)
Calico Carbine
Dan Wesson 357                (11/03)
Glock 19                         (3/03)
Ranger Arms Texas Magnum
The S&W M-29              (7/03)
Beretta 1952
Winchester M-94       (3/03)
The S&W M-57              (7/03)
The Calico .22 Pistol
The S&W M-65              (3/03)
Browning Buckmark        (3/03)
Rossi M-92                (3/03)
The S&W M-629            (3/03)
Henry .22                   (3/03)
The S&W M-657            (3/03)
Remington 1100-48
Dan Wesson 44 Magnum

Mossberg 590 Shorty
Ruger Vaquero                    (10/03)

Fox River Fifty (Black Powder)

Marlin Camp Gun .45

Norinco Air Rifle

AR-7 Survival Rifle

The Calico .22 Carbine

Unknown .22 SS.

Puma lever action (454 casull)

In Depth Reviews
AR-15 Ultramatch     (3/03)**********
S&W M-1917                 (7/03)*****
Beretta 21                         (11/03)*
M-1 Garand**********************
S&W M-28                     (3/03)*****
Browning High Power (P-35)******
Colt Detective Special      (3/03)*****
Beretta M-96                  (3/03)****
Ruger 10/22**********************
S&W M649 (Bodyguard)**********
Colt Gold Cup*****************
Remington 870********************
The S&W M-27                 (11/03)***
Walther P-38                    (03/06)
Mech-Tech carbine conversion********
Taurus 17                            (08/05)**
Walther PPK/S               (4/06)
Energy Gun (Laser Pistol)
High Standard Sentinel MKI********
Browning BDA .380        (4/06)
Marlin Camp Gun 9mm      (detail 12/05)
Raging Bull*********************
The S&W M-669          (detail 12/05)
Thompson - Tommy Gun (detail 09/05)

Thompson Contender (detail 10/05)

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