The Late Great Circus Parade




Mexican Folk Heritage Group from Mexican Fiesta. Since 1977 Mexican Fiesta has brought a taste of Mexico to Milwaukee. This year the Fiesta takes place on August 21, 22 and 23 the Fiesta will share Mexico’s history, food, and great entertainment with the people of Milwaukee.

Left and Below:

B&B Our Country Tableau pulled by 4 Black Percherons.  Teamster:  Francis Gross of Jefferson, Wisconsin. Betsy Ross:  Dolores Mishelow


Left and Below:

#200 United We Stand Wagon pulled by 2 Clydesdales. Teamster:  Larry Ruebush of Good Hope, Illinois. Veteran and Recruit Military Personnel


#76 Cole Bros. “AMERICA” Steam Calliope pulled by 8 Black Percherons. Teamster:  Terry & Pam Marker of Versailles, Ohio. Musicians:  Dave Moorecraft & Jon Tschiggfrie ( pronounced “chigg-fry”). Calliope Technician:  Bernie Hotzel


The perfect ending to any parade that involves animals.


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