The Late Great Circus Parade




Left above and Below:

Hanneford Band Carriage pulled by 6 Leopard Appaloosas. Teamster:  Bob Johnson of Delmar, Iowa. 6 piece Irish Circus Band under the direction of Sandy La Clair


Left and Below:

#19 Sells-Floto Cage Wagon pulled by 4 Black Percherons. Teamster:  Thomas Miller of Florence, Wisconsin. 3 tigers from Animal Entertainments

Left and Below:

Royal Italian Band Carriage pulled by 6 b/w large ponies. Teamster:  Tyler Harold of Fancy Gap, Virginia. 8-piece circus band under the direction of Nicholas Contorno

Left and Below:

Herd of three Franzen Bros. Elephants. Riders:  Lindsay Schneider, Tara Zitzner, and Arianna Lipp


Left and Above:

Watertown H. S. Marching Band under the direction of Reid LaDew



Arabian Folk Heritage Group. Bedouin Riders by Harry and Sandy Vosekuil of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Maily Kocinski, Mikah Vosekuil, Trisha Thiede, and Fern Thiede

Left and Below:

#181 Al G. Barnes Elephant Tableau pulled by 6 Grey Percherons. Teamster:  Duffy Layton of Stanfordville, New York  


Further down:

#71 Cole Bros. “ASIA” Tableau pulled by 8 Blonde Belgians. Teamster:  Nancy Janssen of Auburn, Iowa. 12-piece Windjammers Circus Band under the direction of Connie Thomas



Herd of three Carson & Barnes Elephants. Riders:  Barbara Fox-McNeillor, Nancy Meinerz, and Faye Fox



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