The 2011 All Associate's meeting
Sheik Maurice, showing us the dimple in his chin.

Seeing if the bus starter app works on her new phone. Unfortunately, it did. The bus driver certainly was upset. It's a good thing all of those cars at the end of the lot were there, to stop the bus. Hope they were all insured.

These two couples got on the wrong bus, and think they are going to Las Vegas to be married, by Elvis, in one of those little wedding chapels. You'd think they would look happier.
The rest of the passengers think we are going to a live taping of Regis and Kelly, or perhaps Jerry Springer, or maybe Oprah. They don't know, but heard there will be a show and food afterwards. When they come back at night, some will still think the same thing, and will search the television listings for the Mary Dillon Show.
He just told her a secret; but she doesn't believe him.

Patrick showed up, ready to make that big movie deal.

All of the really cool people wear black, hang out in front of the door, and check out new arrivals.

These greeters welcome visitors, by handing out the official green and gold lei, as a token of affection. Latter (much latter) they will do the traditional and ceremonial inebriated dance of friendship. In modern times, it is often the custom to kiss visitors before they are lei’d; but traditionally, this is considered to be disrespectful. These two greeters made no attempt to kiss me, for which I am grateful to tradition.

This greeter demonstrates the very traditional and very respectful arms length bestowal of the lei. It is a rare and gratifying thing to see these old traditions so honored by the present generation.

Helping to cover up that gray – you should always try to look your best.

Unfortunately it’s with green.

This man is laughing, because he still believes that this green will just wash out of his hair. She has used Lacquer enamel. This is what happens, guys, when you forget birthdays AND anniversaries - both in the same year.

The Wisconsin “badgers”, handing out badges.

The Milwaukee Theater is quite an elegant venue.
Some of the teams show off their signs. Team Tiffany gets ready to egg on the speakers.
Team Drake (my team) shows its colors. Unfortunately, they all ran and hid, before I could figure out where they were sitting.
Another team showing its spirit.
Speaking of teams, there were many phone manufacturers on site, to show off their wares. Here is the LG table, displaying some new phones, and handing out some pens, letter openers, and assorted odds and ends. For those who are flying, please be aware that the letter openers are sharp, and probably can not be taken on board an airplane. Tomorrow we will all find out that this violates the company ethics policy, and the entire Waukesha call center will be fired, except for the three people who didn't take anything.
These are the HTC people doing the exact same thing. For those of us licking our lips in anticipation, there was lip balm being given out. The lip balm looks like it might glow in the dark, so you might want to be careful about swallowing any of it.
Samsung was here as well, showing off their phones and new tablet. They were giving out things as well. In this case, pens. It's a hard world for an honest person. Even though I took a whole bagful of pens, I promise I will not let it influence me, if a customer asks me for advice on selecting a phone.
Motorola also puts in an appearance, and is doing a drawing for a Bluetooth headset. the man in the Packer jersey considers his chances of winning.
Demonstrating the water resistance of the Quantico phone.

WARNING! Do not try this at home.

Seriously, don't. But if you do, please make certain to remove the phone from you head, before immersing it in water.
Comparing pens from the various phone manufactures. This is an indirect, but very accurate, indication of the quality of the phones.

Our supervisor demonstrates her open handed management philosophy.

A look at the phone room, where the manufacturers have their tables.

Don’t you hate it when you spend hours picking your outfit, doing your hair, and then someone else comes wearing the same thing?

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