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Bikes Along the Lake
    The birthday bash was thrown at the Summerfest grounds along Milwaukee's Lake front.

This series of photos was taken after the Saturday morning parade. The entire lakefront (several miles), as well as most of the old third ward, and the downtown, and east side area were filled with bikes.

Bikes line the curbs, and choke the streets. The parade has ended, but ten thousand or so riders need toe find parking. The streets were lined, even before their coming, with the tens of thousands of bikes which did not ride in the parade.

A short look down a line of motorcycles, and saddlebags at the lakefront.

Riders find their spots, park their bikes, and begin to head towards the festival grounds, a mile or two down the road.

It is early afternoon, and many of the riders have been up since five in the morning or so, to be able to ride in the parade. Most feel the need to relax a bit, before getting on with the days activities.

Many sit, some unload or look to their bikes, but most start to walk. It is a mile or two down to the festival grounds.

A look to the north, from whence we came. The high rises visible above the tree line are apartments on the east side.

A look towards down town. The festival grounds are not visible here, but are just south and east of the downtown area.

Some friends who have traveled together, gather under a tree at the lake for a group photo.

Shipped all the way from home, these British Harleys have been ridden from the east coast, and will be ridden back. Their owners will have the opportunity to see vast sections of the United States, as well as making them able to participate in the local bike events, and rides.

Another look north at the lakefront, and the high rises. Most of the bikes and cars belong to people looking for a place to park. Most arriving now will end up parked miles from the events.

Downtown, and the US Bank building. The tent to the left is even with the stage erected for the main show to be given on the last day.

A look up the hill at the Art Center, which sits at the southern end of Lincoln Memorial Drive. This road fronts the lake, in many places, and is sheltered from it at various spots by bits of park.

Downtown, the Art Center, and the end of Lincoln Memorial Drive.

If I liked the 100th anniversary full dress Harley, I love this full dress, 100th commemorative sidecar rig. This is a very stylish way to see the birthday bash.

Here we are at a sort of plaza formed at the top of the hill at the end of Lincoln Memorial Drive. The whole area is filled with bikes. Downtown is directly to our right, while the lake is off to the left. The festival grounds are straight ahead.

One of the new V-Rod motorcycles. This is Harley's new water cooled, performance oriented v-twin.

A bit of downtown serves as a backdrop for a collection of bikes parked in the plaza at the top of the hill in front of the Art Center. This photo is taken at approximately the same location as the two above, but facing more towards the west. This would put the festival grounds to our left, and the lake very nearly behind us.

It's the ice cream man.

A look north, from the top of the hill. The Art Center is to the right, and the lake sit behind it.

As the Art Center plaza fills with bikes, riders dismount, and try to decide where to go first.

A look south from the edge of the plaza. The bridge in the center of the photo leads from a plaza on top of the lake parking structure, to the new addition to the Art Center. This is where the Rolling Sculpture exhibit is housed.
    A bit further on, can be seen the start of the festival grounds, we are very nearly there.

A look across the pedestrian bridge leading to the new addition to the Art Center.

With the Art Center addition in the background, we look at some people waiting to cross. The addition itself is fully unfurled. It's design is said to be influenced either by a bird in flight, or buy a sail out on the water. I think it looks like both.

Another view of the addition, while people continue to stream across the bridge to the exhibit.

The Art Center stands as a backdrop to riders seeking the festival grounds. Downtown Milwaukee would be directly to the left of this photo, while Lake Michigan would be just to the right. We are looking North. The Summerfest grounds are just to the south of here.
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