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Bikes and People everywhere
    The birthday bash was thrown at the Summerfest grounds along Milwaukee's Lake front; but there were many other things going on all over the area.

This photo was taken about a week before things got started. This is the main stage for the main show to be given on the last day of the celebration. The stage will take a week to finish, and will only be used once.

Another, smaller stage, also under construction before the celebration gets started. This one is at State Fair Park out in West Allis. There will be some extensive activities out here too. Unfortunately, I will not be returning to the park, as I could only be in one place at a time.

Some early arrivals in State Fair Park.

A trike lines up with scores of bikes ridden by other early birds.

A number of police bikes from different departments sit parked together. No one will disturb these bike, I am sure.

A prize winning custom bike, sits among others of it's breed.

With the grandstand in the background, it can be seen that the grounds are not exactly filled yet. This was still a couple of days before any of the events, and it is amazing that there were already this many people in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee's, huge Harley dealer, House of Harley, has a large presence here.

A look along a line of bikes, adjacent to the vendor tents. By all accounts the State Fair park celebrations were as extensive as the official event down at the lake. Oh well, you can't be everywhere.

A look at some bikes on the move. It is just after midnight, south of downtown Milwaukee, and the festival grounds have just closed.

The streets are choked with motorcycles. Many are headed to hotel rooms, or campsites, but many more are headed to the celebrations out in State Fair Park, the Riders Ranch, or the many street parties going on all around the area.

This is the exit to the bikes only area, and we are now on open streets. Even here though, cars are little evident.

Street barricades remain to keep cars out. These area will be motorcycles only though out the festivities.

Feeling a bit like a foreign invader, here is a car driver's view of the traffic.

More bikes come along side, and I am moving very slowly , sort of like an elephant in the midst of a sea of antelope.
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