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The Official Events
    The birthday bash was thrown at the Summerfest grounds along Milwaukee's Lake front.

A crowd of people watch one of the many stage shows being put on around the grounds.

Dancing and drinking, on and around the benches that serve as seating, seems to be the order of the day (or of the night, at any rate) here.

A fairly good local midwest band plays on the rock stage, previous to the appearance of Steppenwolf.

As I said, drinking and dancing.

This bunch is from Canada, and they seemed bound and determined to have a good time. Here is the result of taking clerks, office workers, and business people, and giving them Harleys and beer.

And away they go. Amazingly no one fell or was hurt, and there were no fights. Everyone was in good humor, even those whose view of the stage was blocked by these antics.

The stage features Westside Andy, and the Mel Ford Band, who are actually pretty good, and certainly seem to be entertaining the Canadians.

Westside Andy, and Mel Ford are regular performers at Summerfest. They generally perform locally in the Madison/Milwaukee area.

Mel Ford

Tony Menzer

Westside Andy

Jimmy Voegeli

The band ends it's performance, to an enthusiastic crowd. They take a bow, and then leave the stage. The crew then sets up for the next act, Steppenwolf.

As darkness begins to fall, and the stage is empty between shows, the audience plays, and keeps a big ball in the air. From time to time, a tall, and rather attractive woman stands, drawing cheers from this largely male gathering. The entire back of her jeans is cut out (sorry, but no photographs of her here).

The Vikings are coming, and they are making no secret of the fact.

Milling around in the early evening. I pass several stages, trying to decide which show I want to see. Many others are doing the same, or just wandering the grounds, looking at all of the people.

The Miller stage showcases a local band. This is where the Doobie Brothers will appear later this night. it is already crowded with people waiting for them to appear.

It is at night when the crowds are at their heaviest. There are shows, there is food, and there is everything under the sun to buy. It had also turned into a clear, cool, pleasant night.

There is time for one more stroll around the grounds, and perhaps the purchase of some small item, before leaving for the day, or perhaps hitting the town.

At the gates, and ready to leave. The US Bank building is still a beacon for the Harley faithful. It is midnight, and the park is closing for the day.
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